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I met Beckie in my early 20's. I was freshly graduated from college, working my first full time job with the same company where Beckie was a Vice President. I was just starting out, unsure of how to move forward. Beckie saw through my mess and called out a part of me I didn’t even know was there. She was thoughtful, kind, wise, engaging, and didn’t accept my shallow answers when we would meet together. She challenged me in the best ways. 
Beckie brought clarity to chaos, she provided timely words and resources, and pointed me in the right direction while allowing me to move there at my own pace. 
I wouldn’t be the woman, friend, leader that I am today without Beckie Hinze. I am forever grateful for her mentorship, & her friendship.
Allyson Needham, Church Success Partner 
at FellowshipOne

Beckie Hinze is a very talented leader. In the 11 years I worked for her, she taught me both the big picture purpose of good leadership as well as the specific ways to lead with compassion and integrity. She developed my confidence to lead teams by empowering me, encouraging me, and correcting me with kindness. I am forever grateful that Beckie was my example of great leadership, as well as a dear, life-long friend. 

Emily McNay, Administrator, Young Life, Fort Worth

Beckie Hinze is the kind of speaker you listen to and think, “I want her to be my friend”. She is winsome, thoughtful, energetic, fun and challenging. Her knowledge of the world and the Word is deep and wide and you will be better for opening your heart and mind to her.
Judy Clark, MSN, RN, Assistant Professor of Nursing, Tarrant County College

Serving others with my family and coworkers thru 26:12 will always be one of my truest blessings and greatest gifts! The goal of 26:12 was to allow people to serve others across the street and around the globe. Through our community service projects such as loving on Teen Moms or packing Blessing Bags for the homeless or providing school supplies and health checks for local school children, we were able to make a real impact in the lives of others just as God has called us all to do. Along with local community service, 26:12 provided us with the opportunity to participate in local and international mission trips. These mission trips opened my heart to people I would have never had the opportunity to meet otherwise! Serving in Joplin and Rockport doing disaster relief projects or providing medical care to people in Haiti, the privilege to love people the way God loves me is something I will always cherish! 26:12 changed my heart, opened my mind, and grew my faith in real and tangible ways! I will forever be grateful to 26:12 for showing me God's love!
Christie Warren, Accounts Receivable Manager, AccentCare Health Care

Beckie Hinze joined Adera Foundation in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia March 2020 to use her gifts of relationship building and empowering in various venues. She was so powerful in the interviewing of our moms to learn and gather data on individual women in our programs. She lovingly spoke at the Adera Moms’ dinner to encourage each woman in her role as a giver and receiver. She then graciously used her education and experiences on developing a mentorship manual and program to begin the process of raising up mentors in Addis for our moms and to engage community leaders with the Adera programs. This is a labor of love and understanding that Beckie exceeds in. So grateful for the insights and her thoroughness throughout the process.

Julie Miller, Executive Director, Adera Foundation

I have had the greatest privilege of working and serving alongside Beckie Hinze for many years.  
Beckie has had an enormous impact on my leadership development. She leads by “doing” what she teaches and actively lives by her values. She taught me, “leadership can be lonely” and “you’re not a leader if no one is following you.” Beckie is a living testimony of a servant leader with a steadiness and faithfulness even in the midst of very challenging circumstances. She doesn’t just lead. She serves, leans in and listens.  
She is a woman who understands her purpose on this earth. To know God and make Him known through relationships.  
I’m grateful for the lasting impact of Beckie’s example in servant leadership on my life. 
Juliana Sletten, Chief Household Manager of the Sletten home - Mom of two littles

When selecting leaders for our organization's mission trips the challenge was to find a person with the ability to be cross-culturally sensitive, comfortable in leading large groups to international settings, wise beyond years with confidence and the ability to cope with changes in plans that could occur many times within a day!  Beckie Hinze fit all of these qualities, plus her medical skills and love of young and old alike added an element of confidence for us at Mission Discovery that she could handle the tasks ahead.  

Maury Buchanan, Founder, Mission Discovery

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