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My Friend Sallie

Years ago, I was floundering trying to find my place in a new church, new job...I was whining about work

to anyone who would listen to me. I needed friends and a place to feel as if I mattered. Our wonderful church had effective ministries for women who, for whatever reason, served mostly through their homes rather than in a workplace. Then I met Sallie She scooped me into a ministry that was for working women. I laugh thinking about how she had to convince the leadership of the church that yes, women were actually working outside the home – and yes, they had unique needs. Sallie helped me see God in my everything – my daily grind, my career, my travel. She continues to be a true friend and mentor to me.

Sadly, Sallie seems to be the unicorn of the day. She was not all sunshine and light as she mentored a group of us. She called us to prayer – every Tuesday at 6 a.m.! She challenged us to know how to share our faith. She opened the Scriptures for study and expected the same. When I was a teenager, I heard a lot about the Bible verse that says: These older women must train the younger women to love their husbands and their children,” Titus 2:4. In this verse the word train here means to restore to their senses. Mentors - sometimes it is our job to knock some sense into a younger woman. I am not advocating violence! However there are plenty of ways to knock sense into someone. Admitting your own foibles and mistakes is one way. Asking the hard questions is another. If we knew this was okay maybe more of us would agree to mentor.

Do you have to search far into your memory bank to find those who knocked sense into you? If someone comes to mind – give her a huge thanks today or thank God for that extra dose of wisdom she imparted.

Now for you - Be brave. Seek out those who need a friend to provide wisdom and love. Nadia Bolz Weber says it well: “And one of the ways we heal ourselves is through providing for other people the thing that we desperately needed - and no one was there to give us”[2]

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